Playeur Plus

Playeur Plus

Joining Playeur Plus supports our mission to create the best possible home for creators and their fans.

The majority of Playeur Plus revenue goes to the creators you watch.

It also includes some great perks 😊

Profile badge, ad-free viewing, watch offline, access the Playeur Discord server, 4K video, and full messaging.


I like!


Very nice!




Watch videos uninterrupted.


Save videos for offline viewing.

Discord Access

Access the Playeur Discord.

Full Messaging

Platform-wide messaging.


What is the difference between the different tiers?

All tiers have the same benefits for the time being, aside from your profile badge reflecting your tier. We plan on adding perks over time to show our appreciation.

How is Playeur Plus revenue shared?

The majority (55%) of Playeur Plus net revenue (after processing) is distributed to creators based on who you watched. Any creator with subscriptions enabled on their channel is eligible.

What is included in Playeur Plus?

  • A bronze, silver, or gold profile badge reflecting your tier.
  • Ad-free viewing.
  • Download videos to watch them offline.
  • Access to the Playeur Discord server.
  • View videos in up to 4K Ultra HD.
  • Message users platform-wide.

What about background play?

Both the iOS and the Android apps have background play for everyone.

How can I cancel my Playeur Plus subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by visiting the Subscriptions tab in your settings. This will revert your account to a standard Playeur account. You can re-subscribe to Playeur Plus at any time.

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